We are a small family run business

... and as pet owners ourselves we completely understand how precious your pet is.

Having 6 dog kennel suites and 10 cat suites

... means we are able to care for them, as we do our own, we will give them lots of love and promise that their stay with us will be 5 star.

Free Trial Day for Dogs

To check your dog will be happy boarding with us we ask that they stay for a day prior to their planned visit.

We pay attention to your pet's comfort

You can relax enjoy your break knowing your pet is enjoying their break too.

Every effort will be made to maintain your dogs routine

When you register with us we will take a note of their meal times, exercise routine and of cause any other relevant information which will assist us in ensuring your dog has a stress free stay.

October 2021 Kennel Closure - Apologies, we are not taking any further dog boarding bookings. We will be a Cattery only.

Terms & Conditions

Set out an agreement between 'you' the owner and Acaster Boarding

Hours of business

Drop Off/Pick up by appointment      9-4 Mon – Fri      10 – 2 Saturday

Due to Licencing restrictions we are unable to have customers visit our property on a Sunday. If you do require a drop off or collection on a Sunday please contact us to discuss.

Want to view the facilities?

Please call to make an appointment, you are of cause welcome to visit at any time (we have nothing to hide) but without prior warning we may be out walking the dogs or busy with clients.

Rates are on a daily basis, charged from and including the date of arrival & the day of departure.
Bank holidays are charged at normal rate .

Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day are charged at double rate.

Any person entering Acaster Boarding do so at their own risk, all children must be kept under control at all times.

Acaster Boarding does not accept any responsibility for injury; persons enter at their own risk

Due to the incline leading up to the Kennels & Cattery it may not be suitable for disabled, elderly or infirm persons. A video showing the kennels/play area and facilities is available on request for those unable to view the boarding in person.


All dogs & cats entering must produce a yearly vaccination certificate. This certificate must be in date and cover the whole duration of the visit.

Vaccinations need to be administered a minimum of 4 weeks before the start of the boarding. We will not take animals without up-to-date certificates.


Please worm your pet on a regular basis, we advise you obtain worming treatments from your vet as these are more effective. If we find your pet has worms when they are staying with us we will seek vet advice pet which will be payable on your return.
You agree that Acaster Boarding can bath your dog, if the need arises, when boarding with us. If your pet if found to have fleas, Acaster Boarding reserves the right to seek vet advice the vet may treat your pet with an appropriate flea treatment, the cost of this treatment will be payable on your return. To avoid this, please use a regular flea prevention treatment.

Dogs - Dangerous/Banned Breeds

Acaster Boarding will not accept any banned dogs including Pit Bull Terrier, Dogo Argentino, Fila Braziliero, Japanese Tosa, American Pit Bull type/cross breed dogs. We do not board any guarding breeds. Aggressive dogs are not permitted to stay with us.

Client Obligations

Clients are required to provide the food for their pets stay. This ensures the pets diet is not interrupted/changed.

Clients must inform Acaster Boarding if their pet has or has had any illness since making the booking. A pet with any infectious condition will not be accepted until cleared. If clients return home early, for any reason, no reductions will be made.

Behavioural problems must be brought to the attention of Acaster Boarding at the time of booking. Failure to do so may result in additional charges becoming payable by you, the client.

Clients authorise Acaster Boarding to obtain emergency veterinary care that may be necessary while boarding at Acaster Boarding. The client accepts full responsibility for any charges related to this emergency care. The client also authorises Acaster Boarding to use a vet of their choice to administer the care. Acaster will make every effort to use the animals registered vets however depending on then illness the local vet registered with Acaster Boarding would be used.

Every effort would be made to contact the owners to advise them of the situation (should a vet be required) unless the owners give specific instructions not to.

Clients can provide any items such as bedding, toys and treats. No bean bags please.

For dogs that are destructive, & rip bedding, we would ask the client to provide their own bedding, we will however provide a plastic bed with blanket if required.

Exercise (Dogs Only)

When boarding your dog/s with Acaster Luxury Boarding you are agreeing that they may be exercised out of the garden. Your dog/s would always be kept on a lease and every effort to minimise interaction with other animals. As standard your dog would receive 2x 20 minute walks and an additional 2x 20 minute play times in our secure garden.

Shared rooms (from the same family only)

If you have more than one animal boarding with us and you request they share a room you agree that Acaster Boarding may separate them if a situation arose whereby it was deemed that the separation was in the pets best interests, in particular for their health & well been.

Dogs and Cats cannot be boarded together in the same room.


We require a non-refundable deposit for every booking. The deposit is 50% of the total amount.

Weekend bookings are only accepted at our discretion.

A minimum charge of 3 days is applicable on some bookings; you will be advised of this at the point of booking.

Rates are on a daily basis, charged from and including the date of arrival & the day of departure. 

Boarding fees must be paid in full, no animal will be released until all monies owing have been paid.

If paying by cheque, payment will be required in advance of the booking to allow the cheque to clear.

The right is reserved to alter boarding charges without notice. Current charges are available on our website.
All prices are inclusive of VAT

The right is reserved to alter boarding charges without notice. Current charges are available on our web site.
All prices are inclusive of VAT

Payment Methods

We accept payment by cash, bank transfer, or cheque (with a valid cheque guarantee card)
Extra services, if required, are priced separately and added to your bill.

Should you require cancelling your booking, 28 days’ notice is required. Failure to cancel before this period will incur full charges. Non-payment of any charges will result in your pet/pets being refused boarding in the future, plus recovery of any outstanding monies will be followed up.  Exceptions at the discretion of the proprietors

Limitation of Liability

Animals are boarded at the sole risk of their owners and whilst every care will be taken, to our usual exceptional standards, Acaster Boarding cannot be liable for illness, injury or death of any animal in their care, or any fines that your dog may incur. Animals are accepted at owner’s risk.

If your pet died whilst in our care we would take it to either our local vet or your own vet to store until your return. To minimise the upset while you are away we would not advise you of the death until the day you are due to return. (Unless you instruct us otherwise)

If due to exceptional circumstances we decide we need to bring your dog into our home you are agreeing that you are happy your dog mixes with our 2 dogs Tia a chocolate Labrador and Bella a miniature schnauzer.

(Acaster Boarding is fully licenced for home boarding and Operating Boarding Kennels)

If we decide in the best interests of your pet that they may need some veterinary attention while in the Kennels/Cattery we will take them to either your regular vet or a local vet depending on their condition/distance to your vet. Any vet fees we incur must be reimbursed when you return to collect your pet.

You may bring any items of bedding, playthings etc. for your pet, but please note that Acaster Boarding DOES NOT ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY for their condition or safe return, and are left solely at the owner's risk. Any belongings that are soiled during the boarding period may have to be destroyed. All carriers, beds, bedding and toys must be clearly marked with the owner's name, and we ask you to keep a record of items handed over and it is up to the owners to ask for them at the end of the stay.

Any damage caused by your dog to our kennels/facilities must be paid for.


The copyright of all photographs taken and displayed at the kennels and on their website belongs solely to Acaster Boarding. All rights reserved.


You hereby give permission to Acaster Boarding to re-home or dispose of your pet/pets if you fail to let them know of any change in circumstances over the phone, by text message, email or in writing, or fail to collect your pet/pets within 14 days of the arranged date of collection.


Acaster Boarding reserves the right to terminate the contract at any time, at its sole discretion. Likewise the client may terminate the contract at any time as per policies and procedures.

Free Trial Day for Dogs

To check your dog will be happy boarding with us we ask that they stay for a day prior to their planned visit. The trial day not only helps us ensure your pet will be happy here it will give you piece of mind too. The trial visit is of course free of charge.

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How to contact Us?

Call us on 07748481223 or 01132872322 or send an email to us on acasterdogboarding@aol.com
Alternatively you can contact us using form provided on contact page:

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